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Our team at Visio affirms that architecture is a language, an art, and a communication, to craft and to understand the relation between the built or unbuilt form and its users by means of design and integration of light, materials and space. We keep our attention to not only the forms of a space, but also the big picture pieces, such as life safety issues, engineering, function, efficiency, exterior materials, and the big code questions. For a house, that means what the exterior looks like, how the house performs from an energy point of view, handling building permits, and often how the interior casework and cabinetry lays out.


Interior Design

Visio has competent interior design team that professionally trained to assist you with the interiors look. This includes selecting interior finishes, as well as selecting furniture and soft goods. Ideally it includes working with the architect on the layout out of the spaces, and how the cabinets, furniture, and other considerations work within the layout. This ensures that windows are properly placed, rooms are sized appropriately, and that the whole space feels harmonious without sacrificing functionalities based on interior principals. Innovation through endless learning and experience is our most valuable offering we proudly provide to our clients.



visio architecture interior design

General Contractor

From concept to creation we manage step-by-step process with you as our active partner to achieve your design vision. We manage and control all phases of the design and construction process to avoid costly delays and interruptions. We are responsible for providing all materials, labor, equipment and necessary services for your project construction. Our project team has the experience you can rely on and we are proud of the relationships we have developed with our subcontractors and partners. Together, we diligently work to develop the cooperation and respect needed to achieve our one common goal: Exceeding our customer’s expectations.

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PHASE 1 : Consulting

Share your story with our experienced and professional designer to establish your vision. Our experts will provide you with solution in accordance to current state and budgetary priorities to work with.
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PHASE 2 : Designing

Visio presents written scope of work including proposed design, material selections, 3D rendering views, final scope of work, and milestone schedules.

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PHASE 3 : Building

Work begins! Project manager shall oversees the whole building process; ensuring schedules, and supervise until end of project.